We help deprived children in the UK and from abroad with education and holiday projects that aim to improve their quality of life. We support children in the UK referred by case workers.

Education and holiday projects are provided by independent boarding schools in the UK with whom we liaise. The Home Office does not permit long term education of foreigners in state schools.

We have helped many deprived children from Russia, mostly from orphanages, and in many instances continue to guide them into adult hood on their return, liaising closely with with those responsible for them be they parents or institutions. Most gain entry to better schools because of fluency in English and several have been able to achieve professional qualifications.

Theo Trust works with several UK independent schools but principally with Foremarke Hall School, a boarding preparatory school governed by Repton School, Derbyshire.

Since its inception in 1992 the Theo Trust and a separate trust, The Foremarke Trust, have supported Orphanage N1 Samara, and N3, N8, N9 and N46 in St Petersburg. Over 50 children have benefited.

The deprived child is educated in the UK for up to a year. The boarding places are funded separately by school governing bodies and the Foremarke Trust (Registered Charity 1014299) as well as the Theo Trust. The children’s expenses (flights, uniforms, trips, books, extra tuition and so on) are also covered by these two Trusts. In the case of the Foremarke scheme it is funded by voluntary contributions from the School’s fee paying parents. Without their generous support, it would founder.

Most children helped under the scheme claim the experience as “golden” and whether they succeed academically or not, they feel valued and motivated by the breadth of the educational experience.

Slava (seen above having one to one tuition) had been in an orphanage for four years. He has studied English and had a reasonable grounding in the language and he benefited greatly from his time with us in the UK. As he came on a Sunday he was able to join the boarders in the ice rink at Nottingham. Being Russian he knew all about skating and made a fine impression!

Behind the scenes much preparation has gone into the stay at Foremarke. A Trustee carried out interviews in the home country and a good understanding has been established with authorities.

Foremarke started the scheme in 1992 and has offered places to deprived children each year since then. They are closely monitored on their return. Since September 2015 we have assisted in the work of Project Mala, a charity that helps deprived children in Uttar Pradesh, India. One child joined Foremarke for the academic year and was highly successful in achieving sound academic results and fluency in English diction. He’s passionately keen about cricket and at the end of his stay joined a school bike ride organised by Queen Margaret’s School, Escrick Park, York which raised funds for Project Mala. It was a coast-to-coast challenge from Morecambe Bay to Bridlington. Such an achievement did much for his self-confidence. In September 2016 another child, an orphan, will be experiencing a year at Foremarke. We are also in contact with Ukraine and it is hoped a child from the war zone may be accepted as a deserving candidate.