Theo Trust aims to offer educational opportunities to children suffering from trauma, tragedy or neglect. Where appropriate we offer long term support.

Our goal is to help such children by furthering their educational opportunities and welfare, and encouraging friendship.

Theo Trust Charity, established in 1998, is a small charity with low overheads. Most of our running costs are met privately. We have offered help overseas in Russia, India and Ukraibne. In the UK we fund in a small way case-work referrals from other charities.


Chairman & Secretary: James Archer, commercial pilot for UK international airline

Treasurer: Jonathan Soar, FCA retired company director

Safeguarding: Vivien Soar, retired school teacher

Website editor: James Archer

Alan Passmore: Retired solicitor

Richard Theobald: Founder member and retired head teacher

The work of the trust is managed by the trustees who are appointed for three years and may be re-elected. At the AGM held in November the accounts are presented, and Trust’s safeguarding policy is reviewed. Other meetings are called when there is a need for discussion. Personal details are stored and processed in line with the General Data Protection Regulations.