Theo Trust aims to help children suffering from trauma, tragedy or neglect. Where appropriate we offer long term support.

Our work helps such children by furthering their education and welfare, and encouraging friendship.

To date we have offered help overseas in Russia, India and Ukraine.  In the UK we fund in a small way case-work referrals from other charities.

In Russia – we have provided orphans with opportunities to study in the UK Repton Preparatory school (Foremarke Hall) for up to one year and to take part in summer holidays . These aim to foster friendship and cultural awareness, fluency in English and incentives candidates to aspire to a better future upon their return home. The UK experience provides a sense of achievement, better language skills and greater self-confidence. Orphanage social workers tell us of an improvement in those who experience it. Importantly, we continue to offer support when they return to Russia.

In Ukraine – we select candidates from families affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Perhaps a family has been forced to move away from a conflict zone with literally the clothes they stand in and no possessions. They are usually given some  help to settle in safer areas of Ukraine so the opportunity to send a child to the UK for a one year education whilst the family start again with finding a home, new work and rebuilding their lives.

In India – over the past 3 years we have worked with Project Mala to provide a one year UK education for a suitable candidate. Project Mala ( was created by business Robin Garland to address the concerns that many children in the Uttar Pradesh region of India were not being educated by their parents, instead helping their parents to make carpets and rugs to provide family income. Project Mala now has six prestigious schools providing education for 1400 children.

TheoTrust Charity was established in 1998, is a small charity with low overheads. Most of our running costs are met privately.

There are four trustees: Catriona Archer, a practising dentist and experienced in helping the Chernobyl Children Lifeline charity; Phil Eaton, director of his own transport/shipping company; Richard Theobald, headmaster of Foremarke Hall School 1985-2000, also retired; James Archer, a captain for a large UK international airline.