About the Theo Trust

Theo Trust aims to offer educational opportunities to children suffering from trauma, tragedy or neglect. Where appropriate we offer long term support.

Our Goal is to  help such children by furthering their educational opportunities and welfare, and encouraging friendship.

Theotrust Charity was established in 1998, is a small charity with low overheads. Most of our running costs are met privately. There are five trustees: Richard Theobald, headmaster of Foremarke Hall School 1985-2000, James Archer, a commercial pilot for a large UK international airline, Jonathan Soar, a retired company director; Vivien Soar, a retired school teacher with a particular interest in teaching foreign students, Alan Passmore, a retired solicitor.

To date we have offered help overseas in Russia, India and Ukraine and we continue to support those children in their home countries. More recently Theotrust is concentrating its efforts on assisting UK children.

In Russia – we provided orphans with the chance to study in the UK for up to one year and to take part in summer holidays . These changed mindsets, fostered friendship and provided a lasting fluency in English but with varying degrees of accuracy! Such experiences provided them with better opportunities back home. Orphanage social workers told us of an improvement in the children’s attitude and motivation. Importantly, as a trust we maintained contact with them as well as providing further support where there was need.

In Ukraine – we select candidates from families affected by the ongoing conflict in South East Ukraine. Perhaps a family has been forced to move
away from a conflict zone with literally the clothes they stand in and no possessions. They are usually given some  help to settle in safer areas of Ukraine so the opportunity to send a child to the UK for a one year education was really valued whilst the family started again with finding a home, new work and rebuilding their lives.

In India – over the past 3 years we have worked with Project Mala to provide a one year UK education for a suitable candidate.                                                                  

Project Mala  was created by businessman Robin Garland to address the concerns that many children in the Uttar Pradesh region of India were not being educated by their parents, instead helping their parents to make carpets and rugs to provide family income. Project Mala now has six prestigious schools providing education for 1400 children.

UK Children: For over a decade, we have helped deprived children in the UK with their education and with holiday projects. Our aim is to make life a lot better for them, to create happiness, improve self-confidence and guide their emotional and academic development. More recently we have established links with schools in deprived areas of the UK and have forged partnerships with both State and Independent boarding schools, thus enabling suitable candidates to embark on a very different path to their existing one. These children usually come from challenging family circumstances.

As with many small charities we are in need of funds and if you can donate whatever is affordable, it could make all the difference to us and the children we help.

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  • Address: Deepdale Cottage, Deepdale, Penrith, CA11 0NS
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